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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: module status
Date Wed, 07 Aug 1996 19:01:45 GMT
Ben Laurie <> writes:

> Eh? I thought FreeBSD didn't do threads? Or are we talking about some future
> version here?

Pthreads is part of 2.1.5 I think, it's certainly in -current. I've
not played with it so I'm not sure whether it's fully functional.

I heard a rumour that 2.2 will have true kernel threading but given
the necessary changes to make that happen it may just be that, a

> > Caveat: the threaded server may not work under FreeBSD as-is but it's
> > the general trend that's scaring me, i.e. ohh well, if that OS has a
> > problem let's build that function of the OS into Apache.
> I think we are working towards a solution that uses native threading where
> available, and rsthreads where not.

I'm all in favour of providing work-arounds for broken OS's as long as
they don't make Apache more cumbersome for me with a (generally)
working OS.

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