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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: module status
Date Wed, 07 Aug 1996 11:29:32 GMT
Aram Mirzadeh <> writes:
> I compleletly disagee here... if it works well, especially for system 
> like linux, where without the regex stuff it will crock and die (using the
> newer libc's) I think we should defently leave it in AS the default... or
> at least for Linux, if nothing else. 

I'm not very sympathetic to OS's that are a crock because my OS works
fine and if it doesn't I fix it. Now, there are many OS's out there
that are flawed and we have to provide workarounds for them to make
Apache portable but I'm going to be real unhappy if Apache starts to
become a monster because it's including functionality that works
perfectly well on my OS. We should only replace OS functionlity if
it's broken, if it works fine then use it. There are lots of reasons
for this not least is the memory footprint of Apache and the effect
that's going to have on OS paging. It's likely that a regex library is
going to sit in memory a lot of the time and where it works
Apache should share those pages with other applications.

I'm going to have two copies of regex sitting in memory if Apache
includes its own and when we go to rst's code it's looking as though
Apache will have regex, threads and i/o all included in it's binary,
making it *much* bigger than it needs to be since I already have
working version of regex, threads and i/o under FreeBSD.

Caveat: the threaded server may not work under FreeBSD as-is but it's
the general trend that's scaring me, i.e. ohh well, if that OS has a
problem let's build that function of the OS into Apache.

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