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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: "Strcasecmp problem"
Date Mon, 05 Aug 1996 13:05:55 GMT
Christian Gross <> writes:

> There would be no ifdefs within the HTTP_xxx and mod_xxx.  THere may be
> some within the HAL_os_xxxx.c because there could be HAL_bsd_xxx.c  or
> HAL_NT_xxxx.c could also be for Windows 95.  This way all code would be
> still available and if one was to work on a platform they would not need
> to look at all of the code that is not required.  As well I think that
> with an approach like this we can take advantage of all nice aspects of
> the OS.  For example in your threaded Apache you wrote a threaded library,
> which is required on platforms like Linux, but not needed on platforms
> like NT or Solaris.  Here is a suggestion, since your threads are an
> abstraction maybe we could move this layer to the HAL and it would be part
> of the specification.  So native threads would be adapted to this library
> of calls.  As well could we make all calls to the HAL using something like
> HAL_xxxx etc.  
> So am I with it or out in left field????

No, this is a sensible solution and one that is used in many other
projects. e.g. if you wanted to port gcc to a new platform you just
have to look over the machine specific files and understand them not
the whole compiler.

With a greater level of abstraction we could make use of more of the
OS features where they're available rather than bringing in Apache
specific i/o libraries, thread code etc. I'm quite concerned about the
speed with with Apache is bloating, it seems to be aquiring all sorts
of add-in libraries that we're going to have to support and maintain
when most OS's already provide these features.

As for native threads, I'm not at all sure that rst's code will port
to native threading that easily. Maybe he can comment? Most kernel
thread implementations are pre-emptive and the threaded Apache isn't
thread-safe enough for that to work from my understanding of previous

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