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From Michael Smith <>
Subject FastCGI and SSL.
Date Tue, 20 Aug 1996 11:05:54 GMT
Has anybody else out there tried to use fastCGI and SSL in apache?  I
don't see any reasons why it shouldn't work together but I'm having
trouble.  I managed to compile apache with fastCGI and SSL support
without any trouble (fastCGI first in the Configuration file).

It runs without errors, and non-fastCGI pages appear as they should. 
But when I try to access a fastCGI page, the browser gives me the
following error:

SSL has received a record with an incorrect Message Authentication
Code.  This could indicate a network error, a bad server implementation,
or a security violation.

I get various random characters appearing in the browser window.  In the
ssl.log file I get (not sure if this is relevant) "CIPHER is

If anybody else has got these modules to work together, please let me
know - or if anybody has any good ideas what I should do.

Thanks for any words of wisdom

Michael Smith

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