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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "access_log NOT logging all hits!" on FreeBSD
Date Tue, 27 Aug 1996 14:01:20 GMT


I'll pass the info on to the developers list.

rob wrote:
>Operating system: FreeBSD, version: 2.1.5
>Version of Apache Used: 1.1.1
>Extra Modules used: php_mod
>URL exhibiting problem:
>log/access_log is NOT logging all accesses (hits).
>Verified by:  Looking at "Total Accesses:" on the
>/status page at the end of the day.  It will show
>700,000+ accesses, but a "wc -l access_log" shows
>only about 25% of that.  Also, putting a counter
>on the homepage, and comparing the hits to an
>"egrep | wc" of "index.htm|GET / H" yields much
>lower counts on the access_log.  NOTE:  This is
>a high volume site (4+ gigs/day, 700K+ hits/day).
>avg of 10 requests/second.  Logs can't keep up?

Rob Hartill (
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
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