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From (Gordon Irlam)
Subject Re: FWW '96 report
Date Mon, 26 Aug 1996 22:29:25 GMT
> > Anyway, does this mean that its time to start the Apache Browser project?
> > 
> There was one group that tried to start work on a PD browser, the mailing
> list is called Webhackers.  They've pretty much fallen apart.  If there is
> interest, I'll look up the address.  I may have an archive of the traffic
> to date as well.  I haven't looked at the stuff for months, so I don't
> want to go to the effort of making it available unless there is interest
> in it.

Hi.  I helped set Webhackers up: subscribe webhackers

We wanted to produce a free browser.  Beth is right, the list has pretty
much fallen appart.  Lot's of people were interested in a free browser,
but nobody really did anything.

If anyone is seriously interested in creating a free browser I would
suggest checking out:

This contains pointers to roughly 20 free'ish browsers we evaluated to see
if any of them might be useful as a starting point.

Some additional notes since then:

    Arena: Cygnus did a project involving Arena; I would suggest
    avoiding it; the source code is really bad.

    SurfIt!: After giving up on SurfIt! (and because we wanted to
    support Tcl applets) Cygnus switched to using SurfIt!  instead
    of Arena for our project; back when we were hacking on SurfIt!
    the source code was pretty bad; I have heard it might have been
    cleaned up a bit since then.

    Grail: Would be a good browser if the license terms ever get
    resolved; perhaps they have been by now...

    Amaya: this is a new browser/editor from W3C; it actually looks
    pretty good.  The big downside is right now they aren't releasing
    the source.  I think source is promised by the end of the year.

If anyone is seriously interested in a free browser, please keep me
in the loop / ask me if you need help resource wise.  Cygnus is a
W3C member so we may be able to get the source code for Amaya to
someone that wants to hack on it a month before it is public.


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