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From "Robert S. Thau" <>
Subject Re: Shared memory for all servers?
Date Mon, 26 Aug 1996 15:44:00 GMT
  The external lookup does
    - opening a mapfile
    - reading one line after another
    - applying a complete regexp to each line
    - parse out the key, value of the line
    - compare the key with the given one and if
      matching return the value
    - closing a mapfile

Ummm... now I'm really confused.  You went to considerable effort to
make the mod_rewrite commands work in .htaccess files.  Why, then, is
there a need for separate map files?

[ FWIW, one of the frequently heard complaints about the NCSA
  config-file structure is that people get really confused about what
  command goes with which file.  In fact, when people hear that all
  three central server config files have the same syntax, and you
  really need only one, a lot of them are pleased to know it. ]

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