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From "Robert S. Thau" <>
Subject Re: Shared memory for all servers?
Date Sat, 24 Aug 1996 23:44:24 GMT
Let me ask a real basic question --- how much time is saved by the
lookup in this cache, instead of just redoing the translation each
time?  If the matching only takes a fraction of a microsecond per
request, a cache may not be worth the trouble.

Also, what are the keys of the cache?  If they're full URLs, it might
get big enough to swell the size of processes significantly; if it
gets big enough to make the system swap, when it wouldn't otherwise,
you might well be better off without it...

[ This is a bit of a knee-jerk, I know, but I really do break out in
  hives when I see people making their code significantly hairier in
  the name of performance, without numbers to show that the code they
  are "improving" is in fact a significant performance hit.
  Non-optimizations of this sort are, unfortunately, a proven way to
  waste enormous amounts of programmer-time... ]


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