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From "Christian Gross" <>
Subject Re: We're all going to die
Date Tue, 20 Aug 1996 11:33:48 GMT

I have had a problem like that once before.  It happened about a year ago
when I beta testing the IIS 1.0.  The problem was when the Netscape browser
called a specific file on the IIS.  It would call the file, but over and
over again.  It was kinda funny to see.  I never did find out what the
solution was.  I just reported the bug and that was the end of it.  One
thing that I did test was the same file configuration with different web
servers.  They all worked.  It was only the Netscape browser IIS server
combination that collapsed.  

Christian Gross
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> From: Rob Hartill <>
> To: apache <>
> Subject: We're all going to die
> Date: 20 August 1996 12:05
> Remember my mail about a compuserve robot the other day?
> Well I have another one now, which looks identical which is
> coming from a different address. It requests 4 GIF icons over
> and over for hours and hours (different 4 gifs to compuserve)
> Now, with MSIE 3.0 and NS 3.0 just hitting the streets, I'm suspicious
> that this could be the sign of a broken browser.
> If it is, the net's in for a rough ride over the coming weeks/months
> because these things are going to become very common and will probably
> affect more than just my site.
> Latest offender:
> Name:
> Address:
> grep -c $LOGS/access_log
> 20981
> in 4 hours, which makes it a rapid fire, non-stop attack. It ignores 403
> and even the server being down completely.
> ..still waiting for a response from both sites as to what happened.
> rob
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> Rob Hartill (
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