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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Things to tell a reporter?
Date Mon, 19 Aug 1996 23:51:47 GMT
You could mention Marc Fournier and Co's work with Postgres95 (and
the implicit support from Stonebreaker et al - the premier DMBS
research group on the net - out of Berkeley).  The theme, in this
case, being more 'why free software' than 'why Apache'.

On the same theme, Sun's 'reappraisal' of their tcltk expertiese
can be concidered as official support for a free software (source
available) project with a high profile on the net.

So far as the 'why Apache servers' question goes, the simplest answer is
'what is the alternative?'.  So far as the 'what is the future for
web' goes, both NS and O (but not M) offer near peer-to-peer HTTP with their
new browser tools.  Apache has, to date, been unable to offer a free
alternative to the browser technologies available.

Browsers outnumber servers by <large number> to one.



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