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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "Apache core dumping on ident calls" on SunOS 4.x (fwd)
Date Mon, 19 Aug 1996 05:50:24 GMT


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Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat Aug 17 22:31:21 1996
Subject: WWW Form Bug Report: "Apache core dumping on ident calls" on SunOS 4.x

Operating system: SunOS 4.x, version: 4.1.4
Version of Apache Used: 1.1.1
Extra Modules used: none
URL exhibiting problem: 

see above

The line numbers in mod_log_common.c http_main.c, and
util.c are not going to match the distribution, I
have a routine added to append the date to the logfile
names.  However, this bug exists with or without my

Core was generated by `apached.eskimo'.
Program terminated with signal 6, Abort.
#0  0x304d8 in kill ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x304d8 in kill ()
#1  0x30a24 in abort ()
#2  0x3ee8 in seg_fault () at http_main.c:939
#3  <signal handler called>
#4  0xc9d4 in rfc1413 (conn=0x1aba0, srv=0x0) at rfc1413.c:230
#5  0x273c in pstrcat (a=0x678f8) at alloc.c:415
#6  0x1ae70 in common_log_transaction (orig=0x772d8) at mod_log_common.c:194
#7  0x7750 in run_method (r=0x772d8, offset=64, run_all=1) at http_config.c:224
#8  0x7818 in log_transaction (r=0x6c660) at http_config.c:251
#9  0x355c in timeout (sig=44488) at http_main.c:348
#10 <signal handler called>
#11 0x35dec in read ()
#12 0xa6d8 in getline (s=0xefffd5d0 "", n=8192, in=0x6c660) at http_protocol.c:222
#13 0xa9b0 in read_request_line (r=0x772d8) at http_protocol.c:337
#14 0xaed8 in read_request (conn=0x6e700) at http_protocol.c:464
#15 0x485c in child_main (child_num_arg=444000) at http_main.c:1245
#16 0x4a00 in make_child (server_conf=0x65908, child_num=49) at http_main.c:1293
#17 0x50a4 in standalone_main (argc=1, argv=0xeffff8d4) at http_main.c:1463
#18 0x53b8 in main (argc=1, argv=0xeffff8d4) at http_main.c:1552
Cannot access memory at address 0x2000.

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