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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Patches for 1.2
Date Sat, 17 Aug 1996 00:28:27 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> Some patches of mine and other people's that I'm aware of that have not
> yet been added to the CVS tree. Does anyone have any opinion on these?
> 1. My patch to change backslash-quoting in getword_conf() so it only
> escapes quotes, and passes through other backslashes. (still needs one +1)
> 2. Paul Sutton's contiuation-header patch. (still needs one +1)
> 3. My patch based on Paul Sutton's mod_log_multi.c to add CustomLog to
> mod_log_config.c. (needs two +1s)
> 4. Dean Guadet's patch to allow multiple IP addresses in a <VirtualHost>
> entry. I mentioned a week or so ago that I needed to add a "char *t;" to
> get_addresses(), but never heard back from Dean as to whether this was an
> okay chance. Dean, are you still out there?

The EMX/OS2 patches for mod_status (OS/2 doesn't have some cpu info
used by mod_status) are also on the burner. I tried applying them 
but rec'd a malformed patch error message. The "fixes" themselves looked

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