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From sameer <>
Subject Re: hook to an API function on fork()
Date Fri, 16 Aug 1996 19:03:58 GMT
> Yeah. This is something that's been brought up before. I think for 2.0
> we're going to add three or four new API hooks. This one, for sure, I
> think. Maybe a URL->URL mapping phase, or a filename->filename one (in
> addition to the URL->filename one we have now).

	hm. I actually like a less filename oriented point of view. I
suggest changing filename to "object" and URI->object translators,
with one type of object being in the fs. (That's what is directly
	Then again, I just spend two days in vancouver talking about
LDAP, OIDs, ACLs, and OODBs, so I have DBs on the brain right now.

> But here's a thought. I've been thinking about Apache 2.0 and sfio stacked
> disciplines, and that sort of thing. And I've discovered that the Apache
> API doesn't quite work right. Let's say you want to add a protocol-level
> thingy. Fine; that works. For example, the thttpd idea of slowing down the
> response if a user has transmitted "too much" data. Just stack in a
> function in a fixup, and it'll work.

	This notion of how you use fixups only applies to the
sfio-apache, right? If not, I have no idea what you're talking about
here.. I didn't think that fixups can be used right now to the
protocol-level thingies.

> But let's say you want to, for example, gzip all data. So you write a
> function to gzip data on the fly (I'm not actually sure this is possible,
> but bear with me). The problem is, where do you stack it in? You can't do

	(gzip -c does it, btw)
> Is this okay? I'm not sure. We could split the current handler phase into
> two phases: send headers (which would be probably not be called from most
> modules - the core module would just call send_http_headers()), send body
> (which would be functionally identical to the current invoke handler
> phase), with a post-header/pre-body phase in the middle. But that wouldn't
> work well with some modules, like mod_cgi, which need to read the headers
> and the body all at once from the CGI script. And it would break existing
> modules, since the headers would get sent twice.
> Thoughts?
> -- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server 

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