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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject Re: threads
Date Wed, 14 Aug 1996 22:27:09 GMT
>>>>> "Dean" == Dean Gaudet <> writes:

> Paul Richards  <> wrote:
>> The wonderfull thing about cvs is that we *can* work on 2.0 and have
>> 1.2 still be intact for when we're ready to release it.

Dean> To pull this off properly you need people applying bug fixes to
Dean> all the branches.  Which requires some discipline.

Another strategy is to do development in parallel, but ignore bug
fixes for the 2.0 branch.  Then when 1.2 is released, merge all the
changes onto the 2.0 branch at the same time.  This is really easy
with cvs, assuming you've set up your branches correctly.

This is probably only feasible if you aren't planning a total source

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