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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: Fwd> Apache: XSSI: Pagecounter command added
Date Wed, 14 Aug 1996 14:32:11 GMT

Randy Terbush writes:
> Actually, Chris Radek and I worked up a similar deal sometime back
> that adds a <!--#module -->  tag to SSI which does an internal_redirect
> to a different handler. I think it would be of more general use.
> I'll send along a patch if anyone thinks this would be useful.
> The syntax for the example below would be:
> <!--#module pagecounter="..."-->
> Passing whatever arguments in the r->notes.
> (assuming 'pagecounter' is a registered handler)

I like this concept as it allows people to add more or less static
functionality to the server and use it directly.  I'm wondering if
the overhead of the module interface is really necessary for this
though.  Since the page is already being processed, you can't get
at most of the module exits or do 90% of things that a module can
do.  Basically, you can do the equivilent of a function call with
the user passing parameters.

Balance that with the fact that the module interface already exists
and developing yet another registration scheme is yet more overhead
and provides more room for bugs.

Yes, I do think this could be an interesting addition.

Howard Fear      email1:

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