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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: Fwd> Apache: XSSI: Pagecounter command added
Date Wed, 14 Aug 1996 14:25:13 GMT

I wrote:
> I received the following which adds a <!--#pagecounter -->
> command to xssi.  Since this has been included in 1.2 and since
> counters are one of those religious issues, I figured that I would
> pass it by the group for comments before I did anything.

Rob Hartill replies:
> -1 *if* it slows down mod_include.c  People who want crappy
> counters can use deadicated modules. Having counter support
> in the Apache core is probably a bad idea; we shouldn't encourage
> counter use.

Just another case in the master switch statement.  Shouldn't slow
anything down overly.  Does add a bit to the code bloat however.
And introduces some file locking problems.  (Since I have no
experience with OS2, NT, or some of the other more exotic systems 
Apache has been or will be ported to, is there a portable way to
do file locking?)

Don't disagree in principle with the point about counters.  I do want
to point out, however, that the biggest problem they raise is to make
pages unnecessarily dynamic.  However, many would say that SSI also
does this.  So putting counters in the ssi module might not be a bad

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