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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Bug in configuration file comment in apache 1.1.1
Date Wed, 14 Aug 1996 08:45:59 GMT

Thanks for the info.

WWW server manager wrote:
>The supplied default configuration template (i.e. Configuration[.tmpl])
>in the Apache 1.1.1 kit includes the comment
># [Some other former Apache compile-time options are now treated differently;
>#  the virtual host code is always present; DBM auth is an optional module, and
>#  may be configured out by changing the module config below, though it still
>#  defaults in.  Note that this config file does not include DBM auth by
>#  default --- configure it in below if you need it].
>which is self-contradictory - first it says DBM auth is optional, but defaults 
>to being included. Then states that it is not included by default!
>Also, the INSTALL file says
>1) Copy the file "Configuration.tmpl" to "Configuration" and then edit
>   "Configuration". 
>but that is redundant since the kit includes a copy of Configuration.tmpl
>as Configuration, ready for editing. Better to say "edit Configuration; a copy 
>of the original version remains available as Configuration.tmpl", or words to 
>that effect.
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