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Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "Empty query string gets discarded by proxy" on HPUX
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Operating system: HPUX, version: 9.05
Version of Apache Used: 1.1.1
Extra Modules used: From info: proxy_module, cookies_module, digest_module, dbm_auth_module,
anon_auth_module, info_module, status_module, cern_meta_module, config_log_module, action_module,
imap_module, asis_module, env_module, alias_module, userdir_module, cgi_module, dir_module,
includes_module, negotiation_module, auth_module, access_module, mime_module, core_module
URL exhibiting problem:

When using Apache as a proxy to access an URL with
an empty query string (i.e. "http://a.b.c/page?"),
the proxy forwards the request without the
terminating question mark. With the example URL
below this causes the actual CGI program to be
downloaded from the server instead of running the
program on the server.

The URL below is accessible through
by selecting link "Form".



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