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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: CALL FOR VOTE: Inclusion of mod_rewrite v2.2
Date Tue, 13 Aug 1996 13:49:36 GMT
On 13 Aug 1996 15:31:15 +0200 in en.lists.apache-new-httpd you wrote:
> > On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Aram Mirzadeh wrote:

> > > Well, just my two cents, I think the core modules, should be exactly that.
> > > The bare minimums to get a httpd daemon up and running.  Everything else is
> > > luxury, and should be "an option". 
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> > In other words, it takes a lot less keystrokes for those people who's
> > hardware can't afford to have mod_rewrite compiled in to comment it out
> > than for those people who couldn't care less and want its functionality
> > to uncomment it.

> It's also more likely that those people who don't need it, don't
> have the clue to recompile without it. I'd be surprised if sites
> needing this functionality would consider running a binary distribution.

> The bottom line is that I think it needs to prove itself as an
> optional module for awhile before we consider putting it in every
> copy.

There is a middle way, I think:

Place mod_rewrite as a default module (non commented out) and
mod_rewrite_compat as a optional module (commented out) into the config file.
And let the Alias, ScriptAlias, Redirect examples the way they are.

Why? Then
   - the functionality _IN USE_ in the default config keeps the same
   - the possible functionality then is much greater because mod_rewrite
     is compiled in.
   - and for testing one can also uncomment mod_rewrite_compat

I think this is the best for the current stage. When mod_rewrite has been
already tested or used by the mass of the Apache users, then we can totally
replace the old stuff and make mod_rewrite the only think.

Ok, I also see Alexeis point. When we now add mod_rewrite as the default and
also substitute the example directives, then we can start with bug-fixing
already in Apache 1.2b0. When we use the approach above, we perhaps find it
very late..

What do you mean?
                                        Ralf S. Engelschall    

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