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From dave madden <>
Subject Re: imagemap hacks
Date Sun, 11 Aug 1996 06:33:27 GMT
 =>From: Randy Terbush <>
 =>I just had a quick look at mod_imap. There are some problems.
 =>Look for strcpy(). The quick fix would be to change these to
 =>strncpy(), but would probably be best to make the changes to

Thanks for the tip.  I'll fix my copy (I'm still using 1.0.5) and post
patches if I can figure out which version to diff against for maximum

BTW, I took this opportunity to look at some of my other logs; it
appears that binary crap in URLs is not uncommon.  I found a lot of
examples, particularly from, which seems to attempt
to traverse our site every few days.  In fact, crawl2 is so fond of
us that I'm sorely tempted to hack a redirect to a never-ending stream
of garbage.  Anybody interested in a mod_diddle_robots? :-)


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