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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Some random things
Date Sat, 10 Aug 1996 00:52:05 GMT
> 2. I didn't hear any comments on my patch to make Apache die gracefully if
> a module's m->version didn't match MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER. Anyone? Should
> I just commit it?

	i think this is a good thing, but I didn't look at the code in
particular to see if I liked the code. +1 for the idea, and I'm sure
the code you wrote is good too.

> 3. I've discovered, by reading the ietf-types archive, that there is in
> fact a registration for audio/midi pending or something (the archives
> don't have anything after March 24, 1996, so I don't know the outcome).
> Therefore I will add audio/midi to our mime.types file right now.
> 4. Hmm. We have "text/x-sgml" in mime.types, but there *is* a text/sgml
> media type registered. Should this be changed?
> That's just a couple of random things I wanted to get cleared up. Thanks.
> -- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server 

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