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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Two Quick Questions:
Date Fri, 09 Aug 1996 20:41:08 GMT
Eric Sorenson wrote:
>1. Is there a way to emulate NCSA's 'satisfy' directive for access 
>authorization?  I want to allow access to a directory to 1. anyone from 
>my domain (straight in) and 2. outsiders who put in the right auth. info.

I don't think that's implemented yet, but it has been discussed a
few times before.

>2. Can one httpd answer requests to different ports on the SAME IP 
>address with different pages?

Yup. The "Listen" directive lets you do that.

>Thanks so much. Apache rocks my world.  I've written long letters to my 
>bosses about why we should switch from N*tsc*p* servers to Apache, and 
>they're finally starting to come 'round.  If I can do these two things, 
>I'll leave those horrendous form admin interfaces behind FOREVER! =)



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