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From "Christian Gross" <>
Subject Windows NT memory allocation problems
Date Thu, 08 Aug 1996 20:31:37 GMT

I have been stress testing Windows NT and have found the following

Windows NT under heavy loading with the Apache server has a problem with
allocating and freeing memory on a very rapid basis.  The problems
sometimes appear as warnings and the server can continue, but sometimes it
GPF's with what seems like valid memory.  

If the memory that was allocated is not freed then Windows NT has no
problem, but obviously there is a heavy memory leak.

As well what is interesting is that during loading it was obvious that
some garbage collector within Windows NT was working because there would
be loads that would appear from nowhere.

Anyone care to comment if they have found the same?

Christian Gross
Phone +41.1.492.7827
Fax +41.1.492.7757

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