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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Threading and heritage OSs
Date Wed, 07 Aug 1996 20:30:49 GMT
I can greatly understand the resistance to making Apache incredibly bloated
my adding capability by default, even for those systems that may not
require it (eg: regex). However, if it's in our power, I think that we
should do "what we can" to ensure that Apache works with as many UNIXes
out there, esp if it's been running on them up to now. Although it's
a small point now, as we move to a threaded implementation, it because
a much more important point.

I very much doubt if all the systems that are currently running Apache are
state-of-the-art implementations. The internet being what it is, there are
MANY older, heritage systems being used and right now, and Apache seems to be
working quite nicely on them. I would guess that a very good percentage of
them do NOT have kernel threading or any threading capability at all.
Maybe even the majority. The attitude "well, MY system does" seems
unwarrented. Why not focus on one UNIX flavor and be done with it? It
would REALLY make porting easy :)

Not everyone currently running Apache can, or wants to upgrade or
migrate to a platform that is "perfect" for a threaded Apache (read:
Solaris and/or HP-UX (does IRIX??)). I'm NOT saying that we shouldn't
move with T-Apache for 2.0, but it should be as "generic" as possible.
We should do all we can to maintain our number-one slot, and increase
the distance between us and #2. By reducing the number of potential
platforms, I think we shoot ourselves in the foot. Although it would
be easy to code a kick-ass, ultra-high performance server by focusing
on one (or 2?) specific platforms (this goes beyond just threading, but
is just a general aspect), we open up the lead to some group that might
have a slightly slower server, but runs on most anything...

I will now step down from the soapbox....
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