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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: interesting news (fwd)
Date Wed, 07 Aug 1996 18:18:39 GMT
sameer wrote:
>> Veddy Intuhrresting.  
>> My prediction: Netscape will heavily push inexpensive Unix-based solutions on
>>   Intel hardware, and put lots of effort into Unix/PeeCee integration, perhaps
>>   in conjunction with SCO or BSDI.  Perhaps even to the point of pushing Linux
>>   or FreeBSD-based solutions as alternatives.  Just to try and get people away
>>   from the NT oligarchy.
>	But they don't support BSDI, SCO, FreeBSD, or Linux.

The people in the NT marketplace aren't going to go near unix, even
if it is better, faster and even free. They have their heads in the
sand and will just accept the bull fed to them by the sales droids from
MS and Netscape.

This could just be the end of Netscape's dominance. A recent browserwatch
poll put MSIE at 15%. That's 10% better than when I last looked a couple
of months back,

It's clear that Bill's on a mission. The shame is that Netscape have
trodden on so many toes as they laughed all the way to the bank that they're 
not going to get much sympathy from the net community when the evil
empire catches them.

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