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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: sfio & freebsd
Date Wed, 07 Aug 1996 16:17:36 GMT
          I'm trying to futz with rst's apache-xx. I got rsthreads to
  compile on freebsd (small changes needed, I'll submit them), but I'm
  having trouble with sfio. Has anyone here gotten sfio working on

FWIW, I've pretty nearly completed the changes which should make it
work using not only sfio, but also stdio packages derived from recent
(actually not-so-recent, but I believe post-4.3) Berkeley distributions.
So, the idea is that on FreeBSD, NetBSD, and BSDI, sfio should be

I have not, however, been able to test this yet (even though I do have
access to a BSDI system in hyperreal), due to excessive email traffic.


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