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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject ANNOUNCE: mod_rewrite v2.1
Date Mon, 05 Aug 1996 21:08:23 GMT

OK, now mod_rewrite 2.1 is out!
The official Announcement message is appended below, just FYI!

Version 2.1 has many of the changes included which Alexei requested last
time.  It runs fine under 1.1.1 and also ran fine under a 1.2-dev two days
ago, but I was not able to get it 100% run under the 1.2-dev from today. Some
CGI-stuff seems broken in this version. I think this is due to the recently
incorporated stuff for util_script, etc.

Alexei: Please grab the 2.1 release, read the ChangeLog carefully and test it
with your 1.2-dev version and give me feedback again about what else I have
to change to make mod_rewrite fully acceptable for Apache 1.2 inclusion.
Please look over the complete code, because the code changed a lot since you
reviewed it last time! Thanks!

BTW: It ran fine with the new regex code of 1.2-dev. The problems I had last
time were really silly: V8 regexec gives back 1 on success, POSIX regexec
gives back 0 on success! This leads to the never matching patterns I reported
last time...

                                        Ralf S. Engelschall    



                       Ralf S. Engelschall's

                Apache Server Module ``mod_rewrite''

                      Version 2.1 (05-08-1996)


    This is an Apache Server module which uses a regular-expression
    parser to re-write requested URLs on the fly. It can use 
    external databases (either plain text, or DBM) to provide a
    mapping-function or generate real URIs (including QUERY_INFO 
    parts) for internal subprocessing or external request redirection. 

  New To Version 2.1:

    o   now mod_rewrite has a "RewriteLogLevel" directive to 
        adjust the amount of logfile verbosity (0=none .. 9=max)

    o   now only the "RewriteEngine" and "RewriteRule" directives
        are allowed in per-dir context.  This is ok, because the other
        directives were only valid but still ignored in per-directory context
        and although it can be useful to have special per-directory logfiles
        and maps, this produces to much overhead and slows down the process.
        And perhaps it can be risky for the admin to allow such things in
        per-dir context.

    o   ** BIG INTERNAL CHANGES **: mod_rewrite now no longer operates on
        the 'uri' field of the Apache API request structure. Instead it now
        makes a transition to the 'filename' field and operates on that.
        This fixes some problems with forced redirects where sometimes
        filename stuff occured, e.g. ".www" parts at imagemaps, etc.   And
        the most important: mod_rewrite is being considered to be included
        into the Apache 1.2 distribution. But before mod_rewrite has to be
        really Apache API compliant and clean. This change is one of the last
        great steps in this direction.

    o   Changed a lot of other internal stuff according to the requests of the
        Apache Team to make mod_rewrite really API compliant. 
        - replacement of some std. C-library functions with pool-based ones.
        - API compliant error handling
        - removed most of the stat() which slow down the process
        - changed back to STANDARD_MODULE_STUFF definition
        - made gcc -Wall quiet

    o   added support for new POSIX regex library which is already included
        in Apache 1.2-dev. It automatically uses the old Spencer V8 library
        under 1.1.x and the new Spencer POSIX library above.

    o   fixed a problem with tilde-path expansion (/~user-> <homedir-of-user>):
        Now this occurs only at the end of complete rewriting process and
        only if the result will lead to either a redirect or a proxy

    o   fixed problem with PATH_INFO handling: Now you can rewrite a 
        xxx.html to a xxx.cgi and still use a PATH_INFO for the xxx.html 

    o   created mod_rewrite.h which holds common defines and shared function
        prototypes for mod_rewrite.c, mod_rewrite_compat.c and

    o   now the rewriting engine does no longer apply rules on subrequests if
        they are either proxy thoughput or forced redirect rules.

    o   documentation changes:
        - changed Installation procedure
        - added RewriteLogLevel
        - added hardcore example to the documentation: net.sw

    o   now mod_rewrite has its own hand-made indiana logo, created
        by myself via Adobe Photoshop.


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