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From "Nathan Neulinger" <>
Subject Re: Patches
Date Mon, 05 Aug 1996 18:58:17 GMT
> 1) My patch to add a ScriptLog directive to mod_cgi.
> 2) My patch to add %v, %p, %T and %{}t directives to mod_log_config.

I don't see anything against the above.

> 3) mod_log_common will be deleted, and mod_log_config will become the
> default logging module in Configuration.

As long as the default behavior of mod_log_config is identical to 
mod_log_common (without adding any additional configuration directives), 
then I don't see anything against the above. (i.e. drop in replacement) I 
assume this is the case, though I haven't looked at the module.

-- Nathan

Nathan Neulinger                  Univ. of Missouri - Rolla
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