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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: random questions...
Date Mon, 05 Aug 1996 13:42:43 GMT
Paul Richards wrote:
> 1.2 isn't going to be an interim release, there's too much totally new
> work being done on it. It's got to be well tested as usual and that
> always holds up development, the maxim should always be that you can't
> do quick releases, the release engineering always ends up taking as
> much time as the development does.
> The alternative would be to just get on with 2.0 and release it as a
> major new advance for Apache, a threaded 1.1 conformant server,
> release it sometime in the Autumn with a big splash. I'm beginning to
> think that we'd make more rapid progress if we went that route.

I tend to disagree... I think that there is much that we can add right
now to Apache to make 1.2 worthwhile in it's own sense. I think waiting
until 2.0 is a mistake, since only a handful of people have tried RST's
threaded server and we have NO real idea on how the various platforms
will handle it (or even basic things like sfio vs. Pstdio(??)).

I think we should add as much in to 1.2 as feasible. And we should take
our time since it might be around for "awhile" while we work 2.0.
There is also the slight possibility that for some old, heritage OSs, 1.2
might be the last runnable/portable Apache (because of the threading).

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