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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: module status
Date Mon, 05 Aug 1996 13:28:38 GMT
On 5 Aug 1996 15:11:24 +0200 in en.lists.apache-new-httpd you wrote:
> Jim Jagielski <> writes:

> > > >    BTW: With the current regex stuff of Apache it is not possible to
> > > >         compile in any module or stuff which uses a different regex library
> > > >         when this different regexp library conflicts with the prototypes
> > > >         regex.h from the Apache distribtion. Becuase regex.h is included
> > > >         conf.h and even commenting it out does not work, becuase it is
> > > >         for alloc.* etc. I think it would be better to have some sort
> > > >         USE_INTERNAL_REGEX and sorround all regex stuff in Apache, i.e.
> > > >         if you don't want to use the stuff Apache should not even try
> > > >         declare the stuff in alloc.h and utils.c etc.
> > > 
> > > I disagree. We've included that nice regex code, people should be forced
> > > to use it :P
> > 
> > I seem to recall someone offering to be the "official" maintainer of
> > the regex stuff. If true, then my previous objections are substantially
> > reduced.

> I'm really not keen on Apache getting totally bound up with it's own
> regex library. We're taking on a lot of unecessary work to work around
> something that is an OS failure and not many of our supported
> platforms actually need the work around.

The POSIX regex library from Spencer _IS_ really ok. I don't think
we should expect great problems with it. Ok, some minor problems could occur,
but this it it worth. Because not having one included makes more problems!
Why? Because a lot of systems include a regex libary, yes. But not all are
really POSIX ones and compatible. And at least the problem with compiling it
in etc. is much more I think then the minor problems our library will cause.

> FreeBSD had a perfectly good regex library (the same one Apache now
> has as it happens) and this is just added baggage that Apache didn't
> need for that platform. How many platforms *don't* have a working
> POSIX regex?

I don't know how many, but for these OS we have to provide such a library.
So why shouldn't we just provide it for every OS? Then we have no decision,
etc. AND: When it is the same code, why should it then cause more problems?
Ok, we carry around some more stuff in the distribution, but I don't think
this is a real problem.

> If it's only one or two then we should rethink what's been done and
> pull out the regex code so that you only have to get it if you need
> it.

Hmmmm... I vote for keeping it! Alexei did a great work to made workable with
pool-stuff and XSSI and my mod_rewrite now compiles and run fine with the new

AND: Our library now has (thanks to Alexei) a regsub function which is really
needed. If you remove the library then we have to use the main part from the
underlaying OS regex library and the not existing part have to provided by
our own modules. This is not nice!

So, please keep it!

                                        Ralf S. Engelschall    

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