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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: MIDI media type
Date Sun, 04 Aug 1996 23:31:14 GMT
> Hmm..
> I'd like to add a media type for MIDI files to Apache's default
> mime.types file. What should it be? I see audio/midi and audio/x-midi
> in about equal proportions on existing web servers. audio/midi is not
> a registered media type (why not, I wonder; it's a freely available
> spec, if I recall correctly. Maybe I should just go find the spec and fill
> out the media-type registration form), but it seems to be used a
> lot. But then, so is audio/x-midi. Netscape's LiveAudio plugin
> indicates support for both of 'em.
> Anyone have any opinion, one way or the other? Maybe a vote; which of
> the following should I add:
> audio/midi                      mid midi kar
> audio/x-midi                    mid midi kar

> (kar is the standard extension for MIDI Karaoke files.)
> And FWIW, we already have media types that aren't registered and are
> non x- names, audio/mpeg, for example. And we know that Roy feels (and
> had put in an earlier draft of the HTTP/1.1 spec) that x- types don't
> apply to HTTP, and were a bad idea in MIME.
> Anyone?

Uh yeah.  x-* sucks because...

So don't allow Apache Group to sanction any x-* mime type.  If
people want x-* then let them do it themselves.  If you _want_
Apache Group to start sanctioning x-* mime types then suddenly you
don't need to waste our time asking us what we think is right...

It's convenient, because it means you don't have to think very
hard.  It inconvenient because it puts you in a position which is

Perhaps you could contact Yamaha/Kawai/Roland/Apple/Steinberg and
ask them what they want, and then stick to it.

> Alexei 


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