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From "Christian Gross" <>
Subject Re: Win32 Progress Report
Date Sat, 03 Aug 1996 22:17:53 GMT
> From: Ben Laurie <>
> To: Apache Mailing List <>
> Subject: Win32 Progress Report
> Date: samedi, 3. ao{t 1996 23:02
> There's also the question of how sfio fits into all this. I'm trying to
> thinking about that right now ;-) If anyone feels brave they can look
into it
> for me...
> Speak now or forever...
Ok come on, we all see to be doing a nice square dance about this issue. 
As in an earlier message where it was stated why not start using the RST
version as a basis for a HAL based Apache.  The hacked Apache that I am
currently running is truly pre-emptive.  This version is being stress
tested with about approx 1800 hits per hour. (If you want to see the
server that is being stressed it is located at  The
reason for this low number is because there are server programs that are
being called.  My client will be using this product for several Web Client
Server projects with 100->1000 concurrent users.

My proposal was as follows and please comment. (The basis code is the RST
version as it has already been developed with threads in mind)

Okay here is a suggestion instead of ifdefs we do the following.  The core
calls are something like HTTP_xxxx.c and then modules are mod_xxxx.c.

We split HTTP_xxxx.c to something like 
HAL_NT_xxx.c and then HAL_SOL_xxx.c and for the higher would be
HTTP_xxxx.c and higher yet would be mod_xxx.c

There would be no ifdefs within the HTTP_xxx and mod_xxx.  THere may be
some within the HAL_os_xxxx.c because there could be HAL_bsd_xxx.c  or
HAL_NT_xxxx.c could also be for Windows 95.  This way all code would be
still available and if one was to work on a platform they would not need
to look at all of the code that is not required.  As well I think that
with an approach like this we can take advantage of all nice aspects of
the OS.  For example in your threaded Apache you wrote a threaded library,
which is required on platforms like Linux, but not needed on platforms
like NT or Solaris.  Here is a suggestion, since your threads are an
abstraction maybe we could move this layer to the HAL and it would be part
of the specification.  So native threads would be adapted to this library
of calls.  As well could we make all calls to the HAL using something like
HAL_xxxx etc.  

So am I with it or out in left field????

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