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From "Christian Gross" <>
Subject Re: random questions...
Date Fri, 02 Aug 1996 19:43:13 GMT

> > 3)	the webserver survey is out as usual.  apache's doing great but NT 
> > 	(ie Microsoft IIS) will have > 10% of the web inside 2
> > 	months, which means Apache Group won't really have as much
> > 	clout when it comes to 'influencing' standards.  Does anyone
> > 	care?
> Deeply. What do we do? Supporting Apache on NT would probably be a
> start. Any _other_ masocists in this group?
Ok my release of Apache for NT is currently a hack and needs cleaning, but
I would be willing to help all of you to get a good solution for NT and
UNIX....  As stated earlier I have access to the following OS's
Multi-processor NT
Solaris for Sparc and Solaris for INTEL.

So lets get going on this then....

Christian Gross
Phone 41.1.492.7827
Fax 41.1.492.7757

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