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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject ANNOUNCE: net.sw (gallery of Unix software)
Date Thu, 01 Aug 1996 16:54:05 GMT
[ok, not directly Apache related (even if Apache is contained), but
 interresting for all Unix people, and we Apache hackers are of those
 type... Just have a look if you ever wanted some useful stuff but 
 never found it!]

                  _ __   ___| |_   _____     __
                 | '_ \ / _ \ __| / __\ \ /\ ) )
                 | | | |  __/ |_ _\__ \\ V  V /     
                 |_| |_|\___|\__(_)___/ \_/\_/  


                         the gallery of 
             freely available Unix software packages
                          from the net

    ``net.sw'' is a comprehensive well-sorted manually
    maintained gallery of freely available Unix software
    packages, derived from the Internet.  
    Currently there are over 900 packages in over 600 folders,
    accumulating a total size of 300 MB. It gets frequently
    updated when new packages occur on the net. 
    Its primaty goal is to provide a good reference about 
    currently available state-of-the-art Unix software packages.
    To accomplish this, it provides the following features:

    1. The packages are divided into cathegories and
       sorted into a comprehensive subtree structure.  You can 
       navigate throught this subtree structure either step by 
       step or via fast direct jumps though tree pages which
       display an expanded display of the subtree structure.

    2. You can use a query form to search through list of
       available files. Use this to quickly find the package of
       your interrest.

    3. All *.tar.gz Files (99% of net.sw files are of this type)
       will be threated like directories, i.e. you can browse
       inside them and also retrieve its internal files.

    4. The subtree structure are directly mapped to the URL 
       structure of net.sw, i.e. the URLs look clean, simple and 
       state-less and can be put into bookmark lists without problems.

    5. Most of the packages contain a hyperlink reference
       to its Internet location where it was retrieved from.  
       This is one very interesting point, because not all 
       software of net.sw is widely known and can be (still)
       found via search engines.

    6. Each package can be searched for on the Internet via 
       FTPSearch and ArchiePlex - both search-engines automatically 
       get driven in the background by net.sw.

    7. If you cannot find a package either via the given FTPSearch
       or ArchiePlex references nor the original location, then
       you can directly retrieve the distribution file from
       net.sw. (BUT: the data output rate of the server will be
       automatically forced to a very low throughput value. Because
       the primary goal of net.sw is not to be a physical archive.
       It's primary goal is to give Unix sysadmins and hackers an
       overview and virtual archive of state-of-the-art Unix software!) 

                                        Ralf S. Engelschall    

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