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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: New Configure, Take iii
Date Thu, 01 Aug 1996 08:54:03 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> Well, I still think we should move to autoconf at a point in the future.

I'm not totally against autoconf, but I'm not totally for it either. My
experience with autoconf's are quite similar to Ben's.
> A couple of notes, though:
> 1. Would it be possible to make the "rules" not have that colon in front
> of them? What would be so bad about just "PLATFORM=whatever" and so forth
> and so on. I'm concerned that people will accidentally remove the colons,
> thinking them comment characters (I know they look that way to me - many
> languages use semicolons as comment characters, and they look similar).

Non-comment lines which lack the semi-colon are copied to the Makefile.
Thus, they become Makefile options. To avoid any sort of problems
later on, I think it's better that Configure not add a lot of these
since we have no idea how it would affect various make's and systems.
By setting the rules differently, we can protect them by making them
a comment in the Makefile, which avoids any conflicts with make, but
also allows Configure to control what goes on.

I wasn't wild about using ':' either, but I wanted to use some character
that was grep-compatible without escaping it. I'm open to suggestions :/

> 2. It may take some fussing, but it'd be nice if the excess whitespace
> could be removed, i.e. ideally, there should be no more than one space
> between any of the arguments in a call to the compiler. It's an asthetic
> point, but heck...

Configure should add only 1 space between options. Once we get in the
Makefile, then it's kinda unavoidable if, for example, EXTRA_CFLAGS
is null.

> Also, it's "POSIX regex", not "POSIX/regex". Or if you'd like to be a bit
> more pedantic, they're "POSIX.2-compliant regular expressions". Actually,
> "regular expression" probably should be spelled out somewhere, in case
> people don't have a clue.

Force o' habit :)

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