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From Nathan Neulinger <>
Subject Re: regex libs
Date Sun, 28 Jul 1996 15:58:41 GMT
>In any case, shouldn't the regex source be located in the support section,
>unless, of course, we accept the responsibility of maintaining the
>regex stuff. With the way it currently stands (it being in ./src and
>used by default) we really do open ourselves to supporting not only
>Apache but that as well. By moving it to support and using it only
>when needed, we can work around that (and state that Apache requires
>a robust POSIX/regex implementation. If your system doesn't have one,
>add REGLIB=../support/regex/libregex.a to your entry in Configuration.tmpl
>or you may use any implementation you'd like).
>Makefile.tmpl can easily be modified to look for REGLIB and create it
>if needed.

Did anyone ever give much though to my idea about a modified Configuration
file that could require slightly less modifications.

Something where you could easily comment and uncomment sections of the code
without having to worry about other sections:


<Add LIBS>-Lwherefer/regex
<Add LIBS>-lregex
<Add CFLAGS>-Iwherever
<Merge LIBS>
</Remove LIBS>-lregex

They would perform like this:
	Add - simply adds contents to the end of the variable
	Merge - adds to contents of variable unless it already is in the
	Remove - removes from variable

This way, sections for each architecture could just be a section that could
be uncommented, things like adding -DSTATUS for the status module could be
something like:

# Status Module - Uncoment the lines below to add support
# Module mod_status   (whatever it is, not in front of me)

# Regex module
# <Add LDFLAGS) -Lwherever/regex
# <Add LIBS> -lregex


You get the idea... Something that would make it easier to do the config file.

-- Nathan

Nathan Neulinger                  Univ. of Missouri - Rolla
EMail:                  Computing Services
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