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From Michael Douglass <>
Subject Re: C++ components?
Date Tue, 23 Jul 1996 22:38:55 GMT
On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Ben Laurie wrote:

> That said, it did take a good few months of solid slog to get my brain into
> the right rut for C++, and several more years before I could launch into C++
> with complete confidence. I now write everything in C++ (if I have the choice).

Most definitely.  The one thing that I thought of when I looked at the
Apache code was "wow, this would make a good C++ program".  It seems
like it is already seperated into objects.  One example is your pool
management of memory and file descriptors; that would make a perfect
C++ object; you wouldn't even have to remember to free the pool, you
just delete the object, or let it go out of scope if it was an
automatic variable.

To me, C++ is a godsend for large projects such as this; it makes taking
the code and learning what it is doing a whole lot easier because you 
can conquer the entire program one object at a time.

Michael Douglass
Texas Networking, Inc.

  "To be a saint is to be an exception; to be a true man is the rule.
   Err, fail, sin if you must, but be upright.  To sin as little as
   possible is the law for men; to sin not at all is a dream for angels."

              - Victor Hugo, "Les Miserables"

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