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From Michael Douglass <>
Subject Re: project plan
Date Fri, 12 Jul 1996 22:39:36 GMT
On Fri, 12 Jul 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:

> Hmmm. I was think that I remember you (Alexei) posting some *simple*
> benchmarks of an early apache-XX that was no faster than the current
> code. Since we're pre-forking, forking really isn't much of an issue
> except during significant increases in demand on the server pool.

Hmm..  I guess I'm just taking the general conception (gee, didn't we
just go through a "general conception" on malloc?) that threads make
servers and the like faster.  However, you are probably more than
correct in saying that pre-forking helps a great deal...  And when I
sit here and just "think" about the issue, the pre-forking does sound
like it would be no slower than having threads; and since the
pre-forked server handles numerous requests at a time it goes to prove
that forking vs. threads would be pretty similar in responsiveness.
(And it is responsiveness that counts with a service like this;
browsers don't care how long it takes your web server to launch up as
long as they don't have to wait.)

Having thought that, what would the benefit of a threaded server be?
(Other than to say that apache is multithreaded...)

Michael Douglass
Texas Networking, Inc.

  "To be a saint is to be an exception; to be a true man is the rule.
   Err, fail, sin if you must, but be upright.  To sin as little as
   possible is the law for men; to sin not at all is a dream for angels."

              - Victor Hugo, "Les Miserables"

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