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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Regex added
Date Tue, 23 Jul 1996 22:23:38 GMT

Okay, I just added Henry Spencer's POSIX regex library to Apache. I added
it as-is, with appropriate lines in the Apache makefile to compile it when
you make Apache. There are, still, several issues remaining:

1) using the system libraries, if you want. I'm really not sure how to do
this. Not without doing things to the Makefile that I'm not really sure
we want to do (how important is it *really* for people to use their OS'
regex library, anyhow?). I suppose you could put "#ifdef HAVE_POSIX_REGEX"
or something around all of Spencer's files, though.

2) the header file. regex.h, namely. Spencer's Makefile makes this, it
doesn't come with it, so we kinda are stuck with it. Do we want to add an
-Iregex so you can do "#include <regex.h>"? (this would also make using
OS regex libraries instead easier).

3) pregcomp(). This should be pretty easy to write; which file does it get
to be in? Should it go into alloc.c with pfopen()? Or maybe util.c with
the other string functions? Or into regex/regcomp.c, which means mixing
Apache code in with the regex library? The problem with alloc.c or util.c
is it means that you have to include regex.h from alloc.h or httpd.h (you
can't put it just into util.c, because you need regex_t to prototype the
function), which means it gets included into all the Apache source. Is
that desired? Otherwise, we have to create yet another file to contain
just pregcomp().

4) The compiler warning. The patch Howard just sent fix this fine. Would
anyone object to my commiting it?

-- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server

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