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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: project plan
Date Tue, 16 Jul 1996 01:34:16 GMT

On Mon, 15 Jul 1996, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Since it may not be entirely common knowledge, I probably should have
> pointed out explicitly that Sun's own Java VM implementation does not
> use native threads even on Solaris (Sun's own system, which supports
> them), but instead uses a user-mode thread package which the Java team
> wrote on their own, called "green threads".

Which was based on the 4.x threads which they were more familier with
using.  The rumour was that they were sorry they did not use posix, but I
never heard that directly. 

> I've never heard an authoritative statement of exactly *why* they did
> this.  The most common third-hand rumor is that with Solaris native
> threads (which was the first thing they tried), they had real trouble
> getting all of the Java threads to reliably suspend themselves when
> they wanted to do a garbage collection.

I did not hear this.

> I am aware of a couple of reimplementations of the Java VM for unix;
> all the ones I know about do their own threads, either for the same
> reason or due to portability concerns.

Which is valid if you want to run on everything from toasters to cell
phones.  In the case of a apache, for now I am of the opinion UNIX first,
and other computer later.  I may change my mind over the next year on
this, but UNIX is where I think the web servers will still rule.  This is
of course until microsoft fixes their TCP/IP performance (anyone play with
NT 4.0 yet) problems.  This will take 6 months to 2 years IMHO, they are
very commited. 


Cliff Skolnick, CIO
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