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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: performance ``bugs'' in apache-1.1b4's P-HTTP
Date Thu, 11 Jul 1996 23:23:34 GMT
On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, John Heidemann wrote:

> No, turning it of also influences silly-window-avoidance algorithm and
> improves P-HTTP connection performance by about a factor of 7.5 (over
> 10Mbps Ethernet, for the workload described in
> <>.)

I would suggest you do these tests on 2.4 (with no patches) or with 2.5
(with the tcp patches to fix the retransmit problem) before we go in a
direction.  Or run the tests on IRIX or BSDI since I don't want to tune
for broken TCP code.

> >Actually nagle does smooth out traffic here at Organic.  

> It seems very plausible that CGI scripts which don't do buffering
> would do many writes and so would benefit from Nagle's algorithm.
> (The same holds true for SSI, although a brief look at the Apache code
> suggests that any Apache output except for mod_proxy will be
> buffered.)

I have since found out the tests I did was before the buffering code, so
my data might not be accurate.

Let me ask the question again to some people...I'll get back to the group.

Cliff Skolnick, CIO
Organic Online, Inc.       ** we're hiring **           (415) 278-5650
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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