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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: performance ``bugs'' in apache-1.1b4's P-HTTP
Date Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:57:58 GMT
On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, John Heidemann wrote:
> I don't believe they apply to Apache.  Apache nearly always writes
> data in 4KB units.  (Nearly all Apache data goes through the buffered
> IO routines.)  Since the only data to send is in a single contiguous
> buffer, writev has no advantage over write.  Since the data is written
> in relatively large chunks, Apache nearly always writes full-size
> segments and the Nagle can't reduce packet count.

So turning if off will have no effect :)

Actually nagle does smooth out traffic here at Organic.  I've looked at
the packet size distribution from our web server with it on and off.  This
may be because of our heavy use of server side includes and CGIs.  For a
large pool of static docs, what you say is 100% correct.


Cliff Skolnick, CIO
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