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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src CHANGES Configuration.tmpl Makefile.tmpl
Date Tue, 30 Jul 1996 21:25:16 GMT
On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Alexei> Sounds good. Here's a question: are we ready to move to
> Alexei> autoconf now? It seems as if we're approaching critical mass
> Alexei> with Configuration. Would it be possible for you (Tom) or one
> Alexei> of the other people familiar with autoconf to make a prototype
> Alexei> based on the current version of 1.2-dev, so that we could test
> Alexei> it, see if it's workable?
> I'm happy to do it, but there have been some scheduling glitches here.
> Still, it looks like I could probably start it towards the end of this
> week.

Whoa whoa.  Folks, I think it's getting a little hot in here.  Let's cool
down and try and remember what we had tacitly agreed to for a project

1.2: we'd work on this for a month after releasing 1.1, trying to get as
  many items from the 1.2 list on as possible, and then
  release it.

2.0: starting with rst's apache-XX code, port his threads package to any
  platform where it doesn't work yet, and put the whole shebang under

I think it would be a mistake, at this point, to autoconfiscate Apache 1.x
if we are going to start with a moderately different code base for 2.0.  I
think it would also be a mistake to revamp or significantly change the way
Configuration works for now as well.  I think otherwise we run a risk of
making 1.2 the all-things-to-all-people server and never getting to 2.0.


Secondly: can we have a group agreemennt to not commit
functionality-changing changes to the CVS tree less than 24 hours after
positing it to the list?  Fixing typos and small errors is one thing, but
changes to the way Configure works for example is something that should
not be considered hastily.  Even if you had three +1's, we still work by a
everyone-allowed-a-veto policy.  And even though patches can be
de-committed, if a flurry of patching takes place that's even harder to
get on top of.

Finally: can we get apache-XX into a cvs tree on hyperreal? 



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