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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject CGI problems
Date Thu, 25 Jul 1996 18:08:55 GMT
On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> I've been finding a good number of problems on hyperreal with the latest
> 1.2-dev.  Lots of zombie CGI's.  I've also seen some reports of #exec
> cmd=" and cgi=" SSI's not working properly.  I'll report when I know more.

Okay, more specifically: CGI scripts which include a call to the shell are
breaking.  For example, a line in a perl script which is causing problems:

  @ls = `ls /export/pub/machines/icons/logo/MM-logo*`;

Commenting out that line causes the script to run fine.  Leaving it in
causes a hang (whether it's accessed directly or through SSI) and hitting
"stop" in the browser turns the CGI into a zombie.  

Any ideas?



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