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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: FreeBSD port and charset support
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 07:10:00 GMT
On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > > Strewth.  It's a pity that the changes made weren't forwarded to
> > > new-httpd so people could see if they merited inclusion in the real
> > > 1.1.1 (perhaps they were,in which case NULL). I'd venture to say
> > 
> > They were. In fact, the person responsible for those changes (they're not
> > related to the FreeBSD project, I don't think) has sent them to us at
> > least twice. As far as I know, we keep ignoring them.
> Is anyone opposed to me including the following patches for this
> charset support feature?

yes, from a design perspective:

> + # GuessCharset allows you to do charset guessing for clients which
> + # forget to specify Accept-Charset header field. Guessing based on
> + # User-Agent header field pattern.
> + # Format: GuessCharset user-agent_pattern accept-charset_value
> + # user-agent_pattern may contain '*' and '?' shell meta-characters
> + # Example: GuessCharset "Mozilla/* (X11;*" "koi8-r; q=0.8"
> + 

Okay, so let me get this straight.  Because certain browsers which
understand multiple charsets are not sending charset information to the
server properly (in proper Accept-Charset patterns), we need to guess what
it'll be?  This is the same rathole, I suppose, as the content
type negotiation situation, but it's more like the (im)possibility of
trying to determine if a particular plug-in is installed.  For example,
the above "GuessCharset" directive example means "if you're using X
Newtscape, you can probably understand the KOI8-R charset".  Bullshit,
it's exactly like saying all MacNetscape's are running with the Shockwave
plug-in installed.  

We should definitely support charset in negotiation algorithms - and I
thought we did, but this patch may be fixing that if not.  

I guess if we want to make this just another variable that could be set
using my "BrowserMatch" proposal from Sunday, fine.


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