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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: mod_negotiation gif/jpeg issues
Date Sat, 20 Jul 1996 20:59:00 GMT
On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> > A friend using Apache 1.1 was telling me today about a site he just
> > created that had every image available as GIF and JPG.  He wanted to make
> > sure that Netscape and others got JPEGs and others got GIFs.  Without a
> > VAR map Apache always sent the GIF so he had to write a program to create
> > the hundreds of VAR maps that all said basically the same thing (*1)
> > 
> > He thought a good solution would be to specify a default type map that
> > would apply when a map isn't available and is built from a directory
> > listing instead (so he could say treat all "image/jpeg" as qs=0.6 and
> > "image/gif" as qs=0.5)
> > 
> > Does this sound like a useful patch to anyone else?
> No, in fact I would veto its addition to the source.  The qs value
> is the quality of the image as perceived by a human being; assigning
> it a default for all images of a certain type would be a direct
> violation of the protocol and greatly hinder true content negotiation.

What is semantically or morally so bad with the statement that "in
general, all GIF's on my site are slightly less attractive than their JPG
brethren"?  Clearly with the failure of clients to set q values, something
like this is necessary, but even if all clients and servers implemented
negotiation properly, the server author should have the right to set
global qs values, which definitely should be overridable on a per-file



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