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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: SSI's
Date Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:09:17 GMT

Maybe I wasn't clear, I would prefer that this be a server
directive, not an SSI directive, along the lines of "CacheNegotiatedDocs".


On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Robert S. Thau wrote:
>   Except that the headers are sent before the document is parsed. Unless
>   you're using chunked transfer-coding, in which case you can use footers.
>   But nothing does, yet.
> Umm... we actually need a reliable last-mod date before starting to
> send a response to the client at all, since it may change the status
> code for the response (specifically, if the client did a conditional
> GET, then the value of set_last_modified may change the correct
> response code).
> What might make sense is to provide for a class of directives along
> the lines of <!--#last-modified--> which are only permitted in the
> <HEAD>, and which we would parse for before actually starting to
> send the response.  (So, the sequence would be...
>     parse_head(...);
>     if ((status = set_last_modified(...)) != OK)
>         return status;
>     send_parsed_content(...);
> or something like that...).
> rst


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