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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Patches
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 19:00:34 GMT

Okay, 3 half-vetos equal at least one veto, so I'll roll back the changes 
made to mod_cern_meta.c and mod_auth_msql.c.  I'd like to petition for an
addition to the README which states something along the lines of 

  "At publication time, these two modules had updated versions which were
not sufficiently tested for inclusion into the 1.1 distribution.  However,
the newer versions are available from
- if you plan on using this functionality we encourage you to give the
newer modules a test drive, and let us know of any problems.  In
particular, mod_cern_meta is now configurable per-directory, and the
configuration directives have changed.  We can not promise that the
existing configuration directives provided by the mod_cern_meta included
in the distribution will be supported in the future."

Or something.  Sound goot, ja?

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Ben Laurie wrote:
> In short, I haven't vetoed yet because I'm waiting to see what the plan is
> release-schedule-wise. What _is_ the plan, BTW?

I was going to build 1.1b5 last night, I'll do it this afternoon once it's
clear there are no more pending situations - I guess we'll punt on the
"initialize error_log" patch, since no one else commented on it.  This to
be a simple "make sure this compiles on all platforms that people are
responsible for, perhaps give it a test drive", and upon confirmation that
it does indeed compile everywhere, then I go through the release steps for
1.1 final tomorrow morning.  By tomorrow evening we have all the binary
distributions in place, and then wednesday morning we make the

I should note that I will be OFFLINE from wednesday ~11am my time until
monday afternoon (going to wash DC to visit the in-laws).  If we decide to
delay things, fine, but I can't be head-feline-shepherd until next week... 
if someone else wants that position, speak now.



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