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From Ivan Fabian <>
Subject BUG in util_script.c
Date Mon, 29 Jul 1996 13:15:21 GMT
Hi Apache developers

A week or so ago I reported a bug using your apache bug report form but
have not heard anything back form you. I'll attach something resembling my
report on the end.

I have looked into this a bit further and have found that the bug is in
util_script.c about line 209. I found that if I comment out a couple of
lines PATH_INFO appears to be set correctly. I'm sure that the consquence
of just commenting out these lines my have bad effects in other
circumstances. I'm hoping that you can help me avoid spending much time
understanding what is going on to conditionally set this differently. The
code fragment with my commented out lines is below:

    if (!r->path_info || !*r->path_info || !strcmp (r->protocol,
        table_set (e, "SCRIPT_NAME", r->uri);
    } else {
        int path_info_start = strlen (r->uri) - strlen (r->path_info);
/*      r->uri[path_info_start] = '\0'; */
        table_set (e, "SCRIPT_NAME", r->uri);
/*      r->uri[path_info_start] = '/'; */

I would really appreciate some help on this.


Original explanation:

OS: Linux and Solaris
Apache: 1.1.1B

I think I have found a bug in Apache 1.1.1. 

With the following in srm.conf:

ScriptAlias /ivan-cgi/ /usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin/cgiwrapd/ivan/

and then accessing the URL:


where cgiwrapd is a dummy cgi that just prints out a few environment

The cgiwrapd reports that SCRIPT_NAME=/iva

I'm not quite sure what I would expect this to be set to ('/ivan-cgi/'

Has anyone else found this? Can it be fixed?

Thanks for any help.


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