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From Mark Shuttleworth <>
Subject 1.1 configuration questions
Date Thu, 18 Jul 1996 07:16:28 GMT
Hi all

I'm writing a web based conf manager, and need some clarification on the
configuration system 1.1 uses.

First, are <Location> and <Directory> the same from a directive's point of
view? IOW, will any and all directives that work in <Directory> work in
<Location>, and are their no directives that work in <Location> but not

Second, is there a definitive list of directives that are affected by

Third, can I mix and match between auth, auth_db and auth_dbm? For
example, can i use AuthDBMGroupFile with AuthUserFile? If I have:

AuthUSerFile users
AuthDBUserFile users.db

does the second directive replace the first, or are both checked?

Thanks very much,

Mark Shuttleworth
Thawte Consulting

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